3 Easy Steps to Winter Ready Home

    Follow these 3 Easy Steps And Be Prepared, Safe, and Comfortable This Winter & Ready For Spring:

    3 Easy Steps To Winter Ready Home Summary
    3 Easy Steps To Winter Ready Home Summary

    1. Stay Warm, Efficient, and Safe: Have Heating Sources and Appliances Inspected and Serviced

    • Have furnace/HVAC serviced, replace filters to insure efficiency.
    • Inspect all flues fittings, and components of gas appliances and heating systems to prevent leaks.
    • Have wood burning fireplaces, chimneys, and vents inspected for soundness, freedom from deposits, and clearnaces. and have necessary cleaning maintenance, and repairs done for safety and efficiency.
    • Change batteries and test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to stay safe.

    2. Protect Your Bubble: Seal & Insulate

    • Check Insulation Levels to keep warmth in and coldness out.
    • Check and seal heating ducts to make sure you’re not losing any of that heat you’re paying for.
    • Caulk or seal any gaps in walls or joints in and out to make sure coldness doesn’t creep in and the heat out.
    • Replace weather stripping to avoid drafts and for efficiency.

    3. Maintain Curb Appeal and Prevent Freezing Pipes and Water Damage With Exterior Maintenance and Landscaping

    • Have sprinklers blown out and insulate valve box to avoid frozen sprinklers and broken pipes.
    • Clean out gutters for maximum meltoff and rain drainage.
    • Trim trees back, especially any dead limbs so winter storms don’t cause unnecessary damage to your home.
    • Replace or secure loose roofing material to prevent leaks and structural water damage.
    • Seal any exposed wood to protect from winter weather damage.
    • Seal masonry surfaces to minize cracking and breaking.
    • Close foundation vents to keep cold out and pipes from freezing.
    • Cover and insulate foundation vents and faucets to make sure pipes don’t freeze.
    • Mow lawn, prune plants and fertilize so your lawn comes back strong next spring.
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    3 Easy Steps For Winter Ready Home In Bend Oregon By Billy Miller

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    By Billy Miller, Broker @ Fred Real Estate Group ~ 541.241.4221 ~ billymiller2@gmail.com ~ billyknowsbend.com

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