97703 is Bend, Oregon’s newest ZIP Code

    Bend, Oregon has a new ZIP Code!

    Joining 97701, 97702, and 97708, Bend’s west side is now home to a new ZIP Code: 97703. bend oregon new zip code 97703  fred real estate group

    But, if you’re among those that received a letter from the U.S. Postal Service, this is probably not news to you.  [If you do not receive notification in the mail within the next week, you are not affected by this change.]

    Per the U.S.P.S. notification:

    The change comes as a result of the overall growth in mail deliveries that has accompanied population growth in this area

    Map of 97703:

    97703 map of bend oregon


    If you are affected by the addition of this new ZIP Code, you’ll want to update your correspondence, business materials, etc. beginning July 1.

    Additional information, including a description of the new ZIP Code boundaries, can be found via this link from KTVZ.



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