Bend Oregon is home to beer, rec, and tech

    We just love a great video about our fair city of Bend, Oregon. Especially one that’s got a catchy jingle and some killer dance moves…

    Expertly produced by Flick Five Films, this awesome video highlights three of our favorite things about living here in Bend, Oregon: Beer, Rec, & Tech.

    Check it out for yourself, and I bet you’ll be humming this catchy song all day!

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    We we’re looking for second home in Bend OR. Was in touch with an agent I found on the web. When we drove up to Bend, something came up n the agent could not accompany us to the scheduled open house but gave us directions to the place.  We loved the place we saw and wanted to make an offer, but we did not have an agent. We drove around and saw another place and called the listing agent. It was Denise Whitney, we asked her if she could meet us, 20 minutes later we were having coffee at Starbucks,…