Staging Your Home to Appeal to Pet Owners


    One of the best ways to ensure that your house doesn’t remain on the market for a long period of time is to appeal to the needs of pet owners. When buyers know that you are also a pet owner, they will feel a special bond with you, and you can use this to your advantage. Staging your home to show pet owners that your house is a great one for pets and people alike is easy, and the following tips will help you.

    Eliminate Odors

    Many agents suggest that sellers spray a deodorizer before showing their homes, but this is not going to be enough. Although you want to show that your home is pet-friendly, you don’t want it to smell that way, and you don’t want to disguise the odors. If your home doesn’t smell pleasant, no one will want to buy it even if they have pets.

    Thoroughly clean the areas where your pets frequent so that you can present a fresh-smelling atmosphere to prospective buyers. Remember that you may be accustomed to the odors that your pets leave behind. It helps to get a second opinion (preferably from someone who doesn’t own pets) to make sure odors are gone.

    Place Pet-Related Items in View of Buyers

    Another way to appeal to pet owners is to make sure that your home has several pet-related items in sight. You can hang leashes out in the open, or put cat treats and dog biscuits on the kitchen counter. A dog bed that you strategically place near your bed will make an impression on a pet owner, but you can also distribute these beds in the family room. A magazine devoted to the subject of dogs or cats would look great on your coffee table.

    You can make this staging option more personal by placing pictures of your pets on the refrigerator, on the walls or in frames on the tables. It helps to have pet-related notes lying around. For example, you can make a list of the local dog parks and place it on your kitchen counter.

    Encourage Buyers to Bring Their Pets to a Showing

    Pets are also members of the family, so it would impress buyers if you were to encourage them to bring their pets with them when they come to view the house. You can place a bowl of water for them by the door to show them that they are welcome.

    Build a Fence or a Doghouse

    The above suggestions are relatively inexpensive, but you also have options that are more costly. A great way to encourage a pet owner to purchase your home is to build a fence around your yard. It can be a simple wood fence, but some people opt to install electric or invisible fences because they are popular among pet owners.

    The best thing that you can do to show that your house is pet-friendly is to place a doghouse in the backyard. The one that will make the greatest impression is one that is custom-built to look exactly like your house.

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